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  •  How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show with Dianne Devitt
    We've heard that the virtual stage requires new presentation skills, but what good is if there any events. Joins as event Executive Produce and event planner Dianne Budion Devitt joins us to share here show running experience.
  • How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show with Kristal Murren
    Changing the English language and “taking back” the word “BOSSY” so that all women will more effectively own their power. Join live as we meet Kristal Murren and her passion-driven heart and mission.
  • How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show Turn the Table Episode with Anneli Driessen
    This week Anneli Driessen PhD, PhD, MCC - International Metaphysical Academy becomes the host as we turn the tables on the "Trigger". Creator and host of How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show
  • How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show with Chris Borja
    Feb 17, 2021, 8:00 PM EST
    Live Show
    Join us as Chris Borja showcases his virtual platform for small, large, or mega virtual events. It really is a total production.

How to Rock the Virtual Stage Show will equip you to enhance your speaking and presentation skills on the virtual stage. “The Trigger,” Rich Bontrager is a sports broadcaster and keynote speaker with over 30 years of presentation experience. Each show Trigger invites a specialized guest expert to co-host the show and add their speaking, communication, and business experience to increase your knowledge and skills.  Don’t miss How to Rock The Virtual Stage Show with Rich “Trigger” Bontrager for coaching and presentation skills content that will change your career and life!
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